Google Reveals Upcoming AI Search Features

Google Reveals Upcoming AI Search Features

Google and Microsoft are doubling down on artificial intelligence, with both companies announcing new features for their search and map services, as they race to bring the technology to more users.

Google has announced several new ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its search features.

Google began developing a more natural language search technology by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) techniques into its search architecture. AI has played a crucial role in Google’s search technology from the early days, improving the company’s language understanding capabilities.

Google has invested significantly in the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technology to expand our understanding of information. This includes images, video and even real-world understanding.

Here’s how Google is utilising this intelligence to improve the search experience.

Search Your Screen With Google Lens

google lens

Google Lens is another product in the Android ecosystem that uses AI. It uses Google’s machine learning technology to identify objects and then presents relevant information about them, including how to buy or find more details on the object. Over 10 billion searches are performed with Google lens each month!

With the new update, users can use Lens to search for information directly from their mobile screens. This means you can now find the information you need without opening up a browser or another app.

Global Android users will be able to enjoy this feature in the coming months.


Google’s Lens feature, which lets you use your camera to view and interact with more information about real-world things, is getting a modest update that allows users to search with images and text simultaneously.

Some curators use multi-search to add additional information to a search query. For example, if a user is searching for “modern bathroom ideas” and sees a sink that they like but in the wrong colour, they can use multi-search to add text such as “blue” to find what they’re looking for.


Google has also added the ability to search locally, which allows users to find what they need in their vicinity. For example, you can search for a store near you by entering your starting point and destination.

This feature is available in English in the US and will expand internationally soon.

A good search experience needs to be fast and visual. So, Google is continuously working on these aspects. With the AI race heating up, it’s likely we can expect more from the search giant in the coming weeks.

Key Notes

  • Google is increasing its focus on integrating AI into its products, including the search features used by billions of people worldwide. Google Lens and multi-search are recent examples of this effort.
  • With the new updates, users can search using images and text simultaneously, as well as search directly from their mobile screens with Google Lens. In addition, you can use advanced image search through the power of machine learning.